Humans feel infinite happiness in nature. Origo is trying to represent the color of nature as a product and tries to satisfy this happiness through the product Origo aims to harmonize nature, human and color.

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Fabric Fish

Welcome to Fabric Fish

Fabric fish is limited brand within Origo in which artist Youwon designs and makes products based on animals and plants that are gradually disappearing from the earth.
Fabric Fish products are made of handwoven cotton fabric that are characterized by different textures and colors compared to machine fabrics, thus creating a unique atmosphere that differs from prints.
population growth, pollution, development and various human activities destroy the world’s ecosystems to such an extent that recovery is impossible.
The artist is concerned that sea turtles, rainforests and birds will be endangered and not be seen again in the near future.


Fabric Fish has four themes: Tropical World, Safari, Insect World, and Ocean.

1. Tropical World
The artworks are based on animals and plants living in tropical seas and jungles.
The animals and plants that live here are gradually losing their livelihoods due to the destruction of their habitats, and their protection is urgently needed.
2. Safari
Animals living in African grasslands are known throughout the animal kingdom.
However, they are also decreasing due to climate change and poaching.
3. Insects word
Without insects in the world, humans probably wouldn’t exist.
There are so many beautiful insects around us, but we are often unaware of their existence and what they do.
4. Sea
The blue sea that occupies most of our planet is a world of fish and whales.
This blue whale is the largest mammal on Earth, which is up to 30 meters long.